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Melrose boil water alert
The Advocate, 6 May 2014
A boil-water alert has been issued for three locations south-west of Devonport: Melrose, Paloona and Kelcey Tier.

TasWater moves to drop headworks charges
The Examiner, 16 Apr 2014
TasWater is aiming to drop headworks charges on developments in identified growth areas once the current two-year waiver on such charges finishes.
Bullet TasWater to put headworks cuts to its owners, the Councils, TasWater media release, 16 Apr 2014

Lead in Winnaleah's water
ABC News, 31 Mar 2014
Winnaleah residents must boil the water they have been temporarily switched to following detection of dangerous lead levels in the regular supply.
Bullet Scare from lead in water, The Mercury, 31 Mar 2014
Bullet Action over Winnaleah water, Michael Ferguson, Tas Govt, 1 Apr 2014

Dial-Blythe funded
The Advocate, 24 Feb 2014
The Dial-Blythe irrigation project in North-West Tasmania is to receive more than $9 million from the federal government.

Kindred-North Motton scheme opened
Tas Govt media release, 4 Feb 2014
The $10.6 million Kindred-North Motton Irrigation Scheme in north-west Tasmania was opened today.

Lilydale water now drinkable
Tas Govt media release, 20 Dec 2013
Lilydale residents can now drink their tap water without having to boil it first, now that water is piped from 26 kilometres away.

Some improvements for Derwent Estuary
Tas Govt media release, 13 Dec 2013
The Derwent Estuary Program's 2013 Derwent Report Card shows that a number of areas have improved in quality.

SE Scheme to Hazell Bros
Tas Govt media release, 26 Nov 2013
Hazell Bros are to build the $30 million South-East Irrigation Scheme..

Southern Highlands support urged
Tas Govt media release, 29 Oct 2013
Primary industries minister Bryan Green has called on the Federal Government to support the $28.4 million Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme.

South East scheme approved
Tas Govt media release, 16 Oct 2013
The South East irrigation scheme will take water from a crossing north of the Bridgewater Bridge through Tea Tree and ultimately to Forcett.
Bullet Federal nod for $31 million scheme, The Mercury, 16 Oct 2013

Call for action over headworks charges
ABC News, 9 Oct 2013
The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for the planned review of water and sewerage charges to be brought forward to help overcome the impediment placed on new projects in Tasmania by current headworks charges.

Headworks promise
The Mercury, 7 Oct 2013
A state Liberal government would pay for a two-year "holiday" on the high water and sewerage costs for developers now being charged by TasWater, Opposition leader Will Hodgman says.
Bullet Action on headworks charges, Will Hodgman website, 6 Oct 2013

Irrigation schemes fear
Tas Govt media release, 6 Oct 2013
Deputy Premier Bryan Green is concerned that the new federal Coalition government appears not to be progressing on the Dial Blythe, Southern Highlands and South East irrigation schemes.
Bullet Irrigation plans left in limbo,The Mercury, 7 Oct 2013

Headworks charges defended
ABC News, 4 Oct 2013
TasWater's chief executive officer, Michael Brewster, says its high headworks charges are not being made to support a bloated bureaucracy.

Headworks charges hindering development
ABC News, 3 Oct 2013
Extraordinarily high charges for water and sewerage infrastructure are killing off construction projects, developers say.

Derwent heavy metal plan
The Mercury, 3 Oct 2013
MONA-inspired science and art cooperation will attempt to rid the Derwent River of its heavy metals.

Lower South Esk the latest
Tas Govt media release, 1 Oct 2013
The $14.8 million Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme near Conara was opened today by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Bryan Green.

Water charges to go to Ombudsman?
ABC News, 19 Sep 2013
A Tasmanian developer claims the Economic Regulator says some of his concerns over water charges are fair and should be taken to the Ombudsman.

Water costs delaying developments?
ABC News, 17 Sep 2013
There appears to be widespread concern by developers that big rises in water and sewerage infrastructure costs are delaying new projects.

Southern irrigation election promise
Tas Govt media release, 3 Sep 2013
A returned federal Labor government would spend almost $15 million to enable the Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme to go ahead.

Savings questioned
The Advocate, 27 Aug 2013
The projected savings of $5 million from the merger to form TasWater appear unlikely to be achieved, a Devonport alderman says.

Water Bill passed
Tas Govt media release, 21 Aug 2013
A water management Bill passed by the Tasmanian Parliament today will foster further investment in irrigation and provide water surety.

New Centre for Irrigation
Tas Govt media release, 14 Aug 2013
A new Centre for Irrigation is to be created as part of the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.

Irrigation a carrot
The Mercury, 16 Jul 2013
Western Australian producer Sumich will build a fresh carrot processing facility in Devonport which will use water from the Sassafras Wesley Vale Irrigation scheme.

Tas aquaculture boom
Tas Govt media release, 14 Jul 2013
The Tasmanian aquaculture sector is growing at the rate of about $1 million per week, a report says.

A TasWater bill Bill?
The Examiner, 13 Jul 2013
Parliament might have to consider a special Bill to save Launceston ratepayers having to pay $5.8 million per year to TasWater for stormwater services.

Irrigation work for Tas firms
Tas Govt media release, 11 Jul 2013
Pipe supplier Zezt and construction firms Shaw Contracting and VEC Ltd have won tenders for the construction of the $28 million Upper Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme. 

New Tas parks authority
The Examiner, 10 Jul 2013
State reserves are to be managed under a new Parks and Reserves Authority, Attorney-General Brian Wightman said today.. 
Bullet New parks authority, Tas Govt media release, 10 July 2013

Hydro lakes drawdown fear
The Examiner, 1 Jul 2013
Hydro Tasmania is capitalising on the carbon tax still being in operation by drawing down water from the Great Lake and Lake Gordon at a faster than usual rate. 

TasWater staff cut
The Examiner, 1 Jul 2013
Around 30 staff could lose their jobs as part of the savings being made from Southern Water, Cradle Mountain Water and Ben Lomond Water combining to form TasWater. 

Irrigation for Scottsdale
Tas Govt media release, 14 Jun 2013
A new $46 million irrigation scheme will provide water for farmers and rural communities in the Scottsdale area, Deputy Premier Bryan Green said today.
Bullet ABC Rural, 14 Jun 2013

Money for irrigation
Tas Govt media release, 3 Jun 2013
The Tasmanian Budget provides an extra $1.6 million to support irrigation development.  .

$185m over five years
Tas Govt media release, 23 May 2013
The Tasmanian and Australian governments have invested $185 million in water development in Tasmania over the last five years.

Avoid the Rosebery water
Tas Govt media release, 17 May 2013
Lead contamination has been detected in the water of part of Rosebery.
Bullet Water now safe to drink, The Advocate, 20 Jun 2013

Boost for Pitt Water wetlands
Tas Govt media release, 10 May 2013
A number of strategies will improve life for birds and other creatures in the Pitt Water Nature Reserve.



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